Why Blackpink is called Blackpink? History behind remarkable Blackpink name.

If you are a new fan of Blackpink then like other fans you are also eager to know why Blackpink is called Blackpink. 

Am I right? Don’t worry, I am here for you. In this article, I will be answering all your questions about Blackpink name and other things about them. 

This K-pop group has gained so many fans lately and they are in the spotlight. Scroll through this article and get all your solutions.

BLACKPINK Reveals The Real Meaning Behind Their Blackpink Name

In the recent interview of Blackpink with Jimmy Kimmel, the members revealed what is the real meaning of the Blackpink name and the history behind it. 

In the interview, Rosé explained her feelings about the group’s name. She said that it represents the two colors perfectly. Which means that they are girly as well as savage.

In which Jennie added that their song Pretty Savage described Blackpink name and their members the most. 

  • Korean name– The Korean name of Blackpink is 블랙핑크 in Hangul which is said as beullaeg pingkeu.
  • English name– The English name of Blackpink also styled as BLACKPINK or BLΛƆKPIИK means ‘Pretty isn’t everything’. 

They also told about the history of the Blackpink’s members and their origin in the interview. You can also watch their history in their movie Blackpink: Light Up the Sky and Blackpink: The Movie.

Origin of Blackpink name

Do you know where the Blackpink name came from? When the group debuted in 2016 YG entertainment named the group Blackpink which means pretty isn’t everything. 

This means beauty is not everything and there will be a time when beauty will fade away but heart and brain will be there forever.

Where black color represents edginess and emptiness. On the other hand, Pink represents the beauty and feminine side of the girls. This contradicts the common perception of people about the color pink. 

The members also agreed that they are not just beautiful faces but also cool and badass. They are beautiful from both insides as well as outside. 

Other names of Blackpink before Debut

In the interview, the members of Blackpink said that before selecting the Blackpink name for their group, there were also other names that were in consideration. 

These names are as below with which they were almost debuted ;

  • Pink Punk
  • Baby Monster
  • Magnum

Pink Punk was decided as their name but later they added black which they thought would be cooler. 

It was decided that there will be 9 members in the group at the beginning and the name will be pink Punk but only 4 members debuted. 

Though they were right, Blackpink is very much loved by the Blinks. Are you also wondering who Blinks are? Let me tell you in the next section.

Who are Blinks and Blonks?

If you are stanning Blackpink then you have seen the word blink. Let’s see the meaning of blink.

  • Blink meaning

Blink is the Blackpink fandom name. This name was given to the fans by Blackpink’s members. Their fan club came to recognition on January 17th, 2017.

Blink came from the starting two words and last three words of Blackpink. It means that their fans are there for them from the beginning to the end. Blinks are the same as Army is for BTS’s fans. 

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As a Blink, it means that you should like all the members of Blackpink. You will not be considered as a blink if you like OT1, OT2, OT3 members (OT means one true). If you have a bias in the group you will still be considered as a blink but in the condition that you also like other members.

  • Blonk meaning

Everyone knows that in K-pop culture every K-pop group always has some people who don’t like one or two of the members and spread negativity about them.

Just like other groups Blackpink also has some people like these. These people are called Blonks and are named by the Blinks. 

These Blonks criticize other people for copying Blackpink. Some of them only stan OT1, OT2, OT3 members and spread hate for the others.

For example, a person likes Rose, Jennie, and Jisoo but spreads hate for Lisa on SNS. That person will be considered a blonk.

Blackpink in Your Area Meaning.

If you listen to the songs of Blackpink then you have often heard the girls saying “Blackpink in your area” at the beginning of every song. 

  • Blackpink in your area meaning– It is the tagline of the group which is said in the introduction of every song. It was their first studio album. Members said that by this we mean that we are here for you. They also said that now they cannot start a song without this. 
  • Blackpink is the Revolution meaning- This is an iconic line said by the members in the ‘Forever Young’ dance practice. It is a catchphrase they used which was loved by the Blinks.

Revolution means a change in the era. Blinks now use it to show the success of Blackpink.


Every member in Blackpink is charming as well as talented. Therefore the Blackpink name is perfect for the girl group which says not everything is about beauty.

So, now you are a complete Blink because you know everything from why Blackpink has the Blackpink name to being a blink (Blackpink fandom name). Hope you like this article.  

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