Who Is Parag Aggarwal? Why Is He In The News?

Recently, You may have heard questions like Who is Parag Aggarwal?, Why has he become so famous?, What is the salary of the Twitter CEO?, Who is the CEO of Twitter and many more. To get answers to the questions, continue reading.

Well, there is a saying “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” and we can find a similar situation in the case of Parag Aggarwal the new CEO of Twitter. On Monday Jack Dorsey the former CEO of Twitter stepped down from his post and handed the helm to Parag.

John Dorsey said in an email to his employees that “He’s been my choice for some time given how deeply he understands the company and its needs” Dorsey’s trust in Parag is deep-rooted.


Parag Aggarwal is an Indian-American tech executive who was previously the Chief Technical Officer at Twitter and now has been promoted as the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Twitter.

Parag was born and raised in Ajmer, Rajasthan and later he shifted to Mumbai. In 2001 he registered a gold medal under his name in the International physics olympiad. It was held in Turkey. His father was an official in the Indian Department of Atomic Energy and his mother is a retired school teacher.

Parag is married to Vineeta Agarwal and has a son.

In the year 2000, he secured the 77th rank in the Joint Entrance Exam and was later sent to the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay with a Computer Science and Engineering course. Later Parag pursued his Ph.D. in CS from Stanford University.


Last Year many Twitter users pointed out an issue. The issue was regarding the photo previews. They said the platform was favoring the white faces to black faces. People also tried different experiments regarding the issue. They started trolling the preview process and posting different faces to see which one will favor next.

Some of the users also started conducting systematic experiments to see if the cropping bias was real. There were also allegations regarding racial differences in the nerve of the company when it came to generating photo previews. Parag Aggarwal who was then the Chief Technology Officer came in front raising the issue and took the stock of the situation understanding that the preview algorithm needed continuous Improvements.

At the time he also tweeted: “This is a very important question. To address it, we did an analysis on our model when we shipped it but needs continuous improvement. Love this public, open, and rigorous test — and eager to learn from this”.

During an interview with MIT, @paraga said damping the violent, sexual, and inappropriate content is the primary focus of the company. In addition to this Parag himself said:

“We focus way more on the potential for harm as a result of certain content being amplified on the platform without appropriate context. And context is often just additional conversation that provides a different point of view on a topic so that people can see the breadth of the conversation on our platform and outside and make their determinations in a world where we’re all learning together.”


Twitter insiders say Parag is a close confidant of Jack Dorsey who shares the future vision and needs of the company. They also shared that both of them have a keen interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies which they expect to play a vital role in the company’s future.

Parag Aggarwal was appointed as the Chief Technology Officer hence he was also overseeing some of the company’s biggest challenges which were labeling some tweets from former US President Donald Trump as violent and misleading.

Parag is also responsible for managing and overseeing the company’s Bluesky project. He has worked hard to let users send tips and data regarding Cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.

The Bluesky project is one of Twitter’s most important and ongoing projects which will help in the making of decentralized social media networking software. This software can be pretty useful as it can help users to run a variety of platforms.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Monday gave a shout-out to Parag Aggarwal and congratulated him for his achievement. He also replied to a tweet “USA benefits greatly from Indian talent!”. People were also seen tweeting about Indian-origin CEOs, leaders and congratulating them on the amazing success of Indians in the technology world.


Shreya Ghoshal was also found trending on Twitter on the sidelines of Parag Agarwal the new CEO of Twitter. Some fans researched and dug out some of their old tweets. Fans were surprised to know that the two of them were former classmates. On the other hand, the tweet from Parag reads:  “Nice DP, kya haal chaal hain.”

As soon as they heard this news they started bombarding the tweets in reaction to which Shreya Ghoshal replied “Arre yaar tum log kitna bachpan ka tweets nikaal rahe ho. Then she added “Dost ek dusre ko tweet nahi karte kya? Kya time pass chal raha hai yeh”.

Many people found this interesting since Parag is the new face of Twitter and has over 100K followers on Twitter. This shows how different a person could be with work and with life.

Speaking of which, now we may see @paraga himself becoming a part of big Twitter projects. Previously this year we have seen issues regarding blocking and banning of social tweets related to farm laws and later Twitter was accused by the Indian government for not complying with new social media rules and regulations. 

Parag Aggarwal becoming the CEO of Twitter might make it easier for the Indian executive of Twitter to follow the new guidelines and rules. We will have to wait and see how Parag is going to change things around Twitter in India.

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