Who Is A Sigma Male? Why Is Everyone Talking About the Sigma Man Rule?

You might have heard or read about Sigma Males. You may also have heard some questions like How are they different?, Qualities of a Sigma male and How can one be a Sigma male ?. Well, people often categorize males as per their qualities and hierarchy which they also call hierarchy ranks.

People are categorized as Alpha, Sigma, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Omega males and it’s up to your behavior and personality in which rank you stand.


People who fall outside the binary classification of Alpha and Beta males are often called Sigma males. It is also said that a Sigma Male can also be introduced as a lone wolf. They are highly independent and live their lives ignoring the usual social dominance hierarchy of the community.

Sigma Males are also known for their unique personality. Sometimes people often try to compare their qualities with the other hierarchy. The term has also been used by the people to mock these people with the labels of hierarchy.


While so-called Alpha males are social, outgoing, and aggressive Sigma males are quite the opposite. They can be seen succeeding in life without engaging in social interaction. They live within us but due to their introverted and straightforward nature, it’s difficult to find them.

As characterized by Beale, Sigma males are “Lone Wolves”. He described them as introverted alpha males. In his opinion, the actors in films of Clint Eastwood can be taken as examples of Sigma males.

 In 2014 the author John Alexander also used the word Sigma Male as the title of his book “The Sigma Male: What Women Really Want“. This book is based on relationship advice.


However, there aren’t any zodiac signs related to sigma male but people often find their signs and personality compatible with:


They are not usual self-assured and pleasant guys. However, they look unimpressed by society or they may be satisfied with their lifestyles. This doesn’t mean they are a terrible male but their way of living is somewhat different from an average person.


They are also termed as friendly and self-assured loners. However, they are well aware of their area and field but it’s not something they are proud of.


  • Unlike an alpha or beta male, Sigma males don’t care about social standings and hierarchies they ignore social norms, trends and expectations.
  • To a sigma male, there isn’t a correct way to Dress, Speak, Act.
  • They don’t rely on luxury to enhance their personality, whereas a beta male may spend thousands of cash on a sports car to get noticed or to enhance their personality but this doesn’t mean a sigma can’t drive a sports car. They can drive whatever they want, but they are just as confident driving a cheap car as confident as driving a sports car.
  • A sigma male focuses on his accomplishment rather than focusing on luxury.
  • One can often find them pursuing and following their passion, skill and knowledge.
  • They are bold when it comes to defending their interest.
  • They can be lone wolves as well as an inspiring leader.
  • They are picky about their lifestyles, routines and habits.
  • They are rarely extroverts and spend most of their time alone.
  • They are good listeners and they give importance to the content rather than the volume.
  • They are self-sufficient and value independence and passion more than anything.
  • They aren’t afraid to take risks when it comes to accomplishing their goal.
  • They are always curious to know, learn and explore.


Anyone can become a sigma male but it will take time for him to get ready and change his personality. There are some steps involved in becoming a sigma male.

Try finding 

  1. A Sigma Male and try to understand his lifestyle. You can often find them on Reddit/Sigmamales.

2. Start listening to others instead of making a judgment on others.

3. People also advise cutting raisins from the diet as they contain fluoride and may be harmful to Sigmas and may turn them into a beta.

4. Make your living more self-centered. Decorate walls and houses with the thing you like or with something that helps your passion.

5. Ignore the antagonist feminist. Nobody needs them, especially a successful sigma male.

6. Try dating niffs and reject the diffs. It will be hard to date someone different from you.

7. Self-satisfaction is the key to sigma males.


Many people believe sigma males are the best in the hierarchy while some believe Alpha males are the best. The thinking differs from person to person. Some people may like the lifestyle of Sigmas while some may find it rude.

Some people may see Sigmas like an anime protagonist while some find them a loser. It’s up to the person if he wants to become a self-satisfied successful sigma or not.

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