Unusual! Garcilaso trained at the Plaza de Armas in Cajabamba one day before playing with UTC: What happened?

Deportivo Garcilaso does not stop its preparation with a view to the match with UTC and trained in the Plaza de Armas of Cajabamba one day before the opening match of the Apertura.

Cajamarca has witnessed an unusual event: Deportivo Garcilaso trained in the Plaza de Armas in the Cajabamba district just one day before facing UTC for the first date of the Liga 1 Apertura Tournament .

Nobody stops them!

The particular episode was communicated by the Cusco club itself through its official networks. This after images were released of what this unusual session was like in the run-up to the duel against the Cajamarcan team.

With photographs of the stretching and activation work , Deportivo Garcilaso thanked the district authorities for allowing them to prepare in the Plaza de Armas and assured that nothing will stop them.

“Nothing and no one stops us. We thank the Cajabamba district for the great welcome and support it gave us despite the inconveniences,” the Facebook post reads. 

Without any explanation

It should be said that the statement of the Cusco team did not end there. And the club issued a statement explaining the reasons that forced them to prepare in said space.

According to them, the sports fields with which they had already agreed to provide their services to be able to train denied them the use of the fields “without any explanation.”

“The Garcilaso Sports Club makes public knowledge that, after the arrival of the professional team to the city of Cajabamba (Cajamarca), the team’s training was arranged on previously coordinated fields. However, we suffered the refusal of said sports venues without any explanation. “, they indicate in said document.

Likewise, the institution took the opportunity to show its disagreement with this type of action and expressed its discomfort by ensuring that “this attitude” contradicts its values ​​and morals.

UTC vs Deportivo Garcilaso

As recalled, Deportivo Garcilaso has trained in the Plaza de Armas of Cajabamba ahead of what will be their match for the first date of the Apertura Tournament against UTC .

And the Cusco team and the Cajamarca team will be in charge of opening League 1 2024 at the Germán Contreras Jaras Municipal Stadium, where both squads will come out with their best weapons with the aim of starting the local championship with the first three points.

In this way, Deportivo Garcilaso has been a trend in recent hours due to its unusual training session in the Plaza de Armas of Cajabamba . However, despite not having been able to prepare on a sports field, they claim to be ready to measure forces with UTC.

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