Top 10 Most Beautiful Kpop Idols who will make your Jaw Drop.

Do you also wonder who are the most beautiful Kpop Idols? 

Though all the female Kpop idols of the industry have divine beauty, some of these are drop-dead gorgeous. Some of them gained huge popularity worldwide.

Below is the list of those gorgeous Korean Idols whose beauty will take you on a tour of heaven.

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List of most beautiful Kpop idols :

1. Jisoo

Group: Blackpink

Birth Name: Kim Ji-Soo

Age: 26 Years 

Place of Birth: Sanbon- dong, Gunpo- si, South Korea

Kim Jisoo of Blackpink is one of the most beautiful Kpop idols whose natural beauty is very much loved. She is also known as an angel voice beauty. 

As per the Korean beauty standard, she has the perfect face without any plastic surgeries. With or without makeup she never fails to amaze people with her beauty.

Not only does she have a beautiful voice and an angelic face. On top of that, she also has a bunch of hidden talents like playing drums, guitar, and piano.

Fan following/ popularity

  •  Instagram – Jisoo’s fan following on her Instagram (@sooyaa_) is 51.7 million.
  • Twitter- She does not have any individual Twitter account but the official account of all the Blackpink’s members (BLACKPINK GLOBAL BLINK and BLACKPINKOFFICIAL) which has 7.7 million and 5.4 million followers respectively.

2. IU

Group- Solo artist

Birth Name – Lee Ji-Eun

Age – 28 years

Place of Birth – Songjeong – dong, Seoul, South Korea

The second one of the most beautiful Kpop idols is IU. She is a beautiful and talented actress and idol. She has a gorgeous look with a small face, slim nose, and slim body.

Although she has faced many struggles and poor life she grew up as a very beautiful woman. Besides having such a divine beauty she also has a kind nature which is why she is loved by the netizens.

Fan following/popularity

  • Instagram – IU has around 23.8 million followers on her Instagram account (@dlwlrma ).
  • Twitter- On Twitter (@IUofficial) she has 1.1 million fans.

3. Lisa

Group- Blackpink

Birth Name – Pranpriya Manoban

Real Name – Lalisa Manoban

Age – 24 years

Place of Birth – Buri Ram, Thailand

Lisa is the most popular member of  Blackpink. 

She is the singer, rapper, and dancer of the group. 

She has a very bold personality and she is very gorgeous. Lately, she got famous worldwide with her song Lalisa and Money.

Lisa has terrific dancing skills, she is considered one of the best dancers and most beautiful Kpop idols. She has a small face with double eyelids and a high nose bridge.

Fan following/ popularity

  • Instagram – Lalisa is the most followed member of Blackpink on Instagram (@lalalalisa_m

4. Tzuyu

Group- Twice

Birth Name – Chou Tzu-yu

Age – 22 years

Place of Birth – East District, Taiwan

Tzuyu is a member of Twice and has won many hearts with her killer looks. She has a cute round face and a slim body. She is the most beautiful Korean singer in her group.

Her double eyelids and small nose enhance her round face. She got very famous worldwide after her archery match at Idol Championship. This match was against Irene.

Fan following/ popularity

  • Instagram – Tzu-yu does not have a separate Instagram account. But the group Twice (@twicetagram)  has around 21.9 million followers.
  • Twitter – She does not have any Twitter account also like other members. 

5. Wonyoung

Group- Iz*One

Birth Name- Jang Won-young

Age- 17 years 

Place of Birth- Ichon-dong, Seoul, South Korea

Wonyoung was a member of the female Kpop idols group Iz*One but after the disbandment of the group, she joined Ive as a new member.

Wonyoung is very good-looking. She has a small face, big doe eyes, a small nose with a high bridge, and double eyelids. These features of her fit the Korean beauty standards. 

There were rumors that she had undergone some plastic surgeries but it was not proven. 

Fan following/ popularity

  • Instagram – Wonyoung has 2.1 million followers on her Instagram account (@for_everyoug1)
  • Twitter- She does not have an account on Twitter.

6. Irene

Group- Red Velvet

Birth Name- Bae Joo-Hyun

Age- 30 years

Place of Birth- Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea

Another one of the most beautiful Kpop idols is Irene. The meaning of Red velvet’s member Irene’s name Goddess of Peace. She is a rapper, singer, and actor.

She is considered to be a classic beauty with beautiful big eyes and flawless skin. 

Fan following/ popularity

  • Instagram – Irene has a total of 9 million followers on her Instagram account (@renebaebae).
  • Twitter- She does not have an account on Instagram.

7. Ji-Yeon

Group- T-ara

Birth Name- Park Ji-Yeon

Age- 28 years

Place of Birth- Seoul, South Korea

Ji-Yeon is one of the beautiful members of the female Kpop idols group T-ara. She debuted in 2009 as a singer. 

She is a very charming girl whose beauty never fails to seize the moment. Her playful personality is liked very much by the fans. 

Fan following/ popularity

  • Instagram- Ji Yeon has 3.8 million followers on her Instagram account (@jiyeon2_).
  • Twitter- She does not have a Twitter account.

8. Jennie

Group- Blackpink

Birth Name- Kim Jennie

Age- 25 years

Place of Birth- Seoul capital area, South Korea

Jennie of the female Kpop idols group, Blackpink is a singer, rapper, and dancer. She has a very cute face which is why her fans adore her so much.

She has a round face with unique facial features which makes her cute. She is very kind and caring to her fans. 

Fan following/ popularity

  • Instagram – Jennie has around 58 million followers on her Instagram account (@jennierubyjane).

9. Sana

Group- Red Velvet

Birth Name- Minatozaki Sana

Age- 24 years

Place of Birth- Tennōji-Ku, Osaka, Japan

Sana is one of the most beautiful Korean singers of the female Kpop group Red velvet. She is basically a Japanese singer. She debuted as a singer in 2015.

She has an incredibly beautiful face and a joyful nature. She is a very elegant yet cute girl. 

Fan following/ popularity

  • Instagram – She does not have any separate Instagram account other than her group’s. Red velvet’s official Instagram I’d is @redvelvet.smtown.
  • Twitter- She also doesn’t have any Twitter account.

10. Rosé

Group- Blackpink

Birth Name- Roseanne Park 

Korean name- Park chae-young

Age- 24 years

Place of Birth- Auckland, New Zealand

With her youthful and beautiful look, Rosé has become famous for her singing talent. 

Her oval-shaped face with a very beautiful sharp v-line makes her beauty better. She has a very jolly personality like a child. 

Fan following/ popularity

  • Instagram- The Instagram account of Rosè is @roses_are_rosie. She has 51.4 million followers.

~Most searched female kpop Idols

The list of most searched female Kpop idols for the year 2022 are as follows : 

  1. Lisa (Blackpink)
  2. IU 
  3. Jennie ( Blackpink)
  4. Jisoo (Blackpink)
  5. Irene ( Red Velvet)
  6. Rosé ( Blackpink)
  7. Tzu-yu (Twice)
  8. Hwasa ( Mamamoo)
  9. Suzy
  10. Taeyeon


Korean beauty and their skincare are famous in the whole world. Because of their glass-like glowing skin, they catch most of the eyes. These female Kpop idols represent those standards. 

Which one of these most beautiful Kpop idols do you find the most charming and beautiful? 

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