Tips to maintain well-being during the winter cold, by Fitness Ballet

Ballet fitness is a new discipline that has been gaining ground in Spain. It combines the best of ballet, such as its beauty, musicality, elasticity and balance, with the highlights of fitness, such as strength, muscle work, energy, etc.

In Madrid, there is the Fitness Ballet school directed by Elena Marco, where they teach this sports discipline to adults and children. Now that the winter season has arrived, the specialist offers a series of tips to maintain well-being when training in the cold.

Maintain well-being during the winter cold

Winter can be a difficult time to train fitness ballet and maintain physical well-being. Therefore, it is essential to follow some tips from experts, like Elena Marco. According to the instructor, warming up is crucial when practicing this discipline, and it is even more so in cold weather. Therefore, she recommends spending extra time warming up your muscles to avoid possible injuries.

Another essential aspect is maintaining a regular training routine. This can be achieved by establishing regular schedules, which helps overcome the lack of motivation that often arises in winter. Incorporating seasonal-inspired moves, such as twists that mimic falling snowflakes, can also work.

On the other hand, it has been shown that cold times can negatively affect the mood of some people. Elena Marco thinks that dance can become a powerful tool to combat the winter blues. That is why she invites you to connect with music and emotional expression, with the aim of maintaining a positive mind.

In addition, the expert recommends exploring different alternative styles within ballet fitness. For example, contemporary ballet can be very comforting during the cold season.

Classes at Fitness Ballet, Elena Marco’s academy

For those looking for a way to maintain their passion for ballet fitness, Elena’s academy, located in Madrid, can be an excellent alternative. At this center, they understand the importance of adapting practices to the different seasons, so they will provide ideal training to maintain well-being during the cold season.

Each class at this academy costs 20 euros. But they also have packages that make practicing this discipline more affordable. For example, they have a price of 60 euros for 4 monthly classes. Now, if the participant wants to attend the practices more frequently, they can choose the package of 8 classes per month for 115 euros.

In conclusion, winter does not have to stop progress in ballet fitness. Elena Marco recommends adjusting your warm-up, maintaining a regular routine, incorporating festive elements, taking care of your mental health, and exploring alternative styles to maintain well-being during the cold months. Additionally, the doors of her academy are open to those who want to continue advancing their practice regardless of the season. 

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