SATSE Murcia warns that it is urgent to address the reclassification of nurses and physiotherapists into a single Group A

The Nursing Union values ​​the commitment expressed by the Minister of Health to study the Union’s demand to end the employment and professional discrimination suffered by nurses and physiotherapists.

The Nursing Union, SATSE, warns that it is urgent for the Ministry and Departments of Health to address a “pending issue” for more than twelve years, such as the reclassification of nurses and physiotherapists into a single Group A, without a subgroup.

Thus, SATES encourages discussing this issue at the next meeting of the Inter territorial Council of the National Health System (SNS), in order to put an end to “unjustifiable discrimination” that harms the work and professional development of nurses and physiotherapists.

The Union values ​​the recent commitment expressed by the Minister of Health, Monica Garcia, to study this demand to make it a reality, and has transferred its collaboration to her department and that of Public Service to promote the modification of article 76 of the Basic Statute of Public Employees (EBEP) that would allow this reclassification.

SATSE recalls, in this sense, that more than twelve years ago the European Higher Education Area began to be implemented in Spain, promoted by the Bologna Agreements, and the degree and diploma study plans were extinguished.

From that moment on, all university graduates obtain a Bachelor’s degree. These include nurses and physiotherapists with the same ECTS credits (240) as most university degrees, explains the Nursing Union.


In the last legislature, SATSE already addressed all regional health officials, as well as the ministries of Health and Public Service and the political parties in Congress to demand their active involvement in resolving a problem of professional discrimination that has also been addressed in the European Parliament after the complaint expressed by the union organization.

The Nursing Union emphasizes that, to date, there has been an “evident lack of political will” to take on the challenge required to implement this new classification of the public service.

This classification would be adjusted to the evolution that the educational system has experienced, the process of reordering university degrees and the development of skills experienced by some professions, such as Nursing and Physiotherapy, he points out.


The union organization trusts that, from the Government, and with the involvement and acceptance of the autonomous communities, there will be an end to a situation that causes thousands of nurses and physiotherapists to suffer a professional situation that is not in accordance with the current European higher education framework.

The non-classification in a single Group A, without subgroups, makes the professional development of nurses and physiotherapists and access to management, leadership and healthcare and research leadership positions impossible, for which they are more than qualified given their training and preparation, concludes SATSE.

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