Interesting Reasons why BTS use Twitter more than Instagram?

Wondering why the BTS members are so much active on their Twitter accounts?

If you are a BTS army then you must know that BTS members are always active on their shared-twitter account even before their debut.

There are thousands of fans who are using Twitter for only BTS. The group is growing in popularity over Twitter day by day.  

Below are the reasons why do members of BTS use Twitter more and why they are trending every day on Twitter.

3 Reasons why does BTS use Twitter more 

The BTS member’s journey on Twitter started even before their debut in 2011. If you have been following BTS for a long time then you must already know about this. But if you are a baby army then, Yes, you read it right. 

The members started their Twitter account with only 600 followers and now they have reached over 44 million. This all happened because of their hard work and love toward their fans.

So here are some reasons given by BTS and the fans stated for why BTS use Twitter more than other social media: 

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1). Twitter feature: TEXT

The members find it easy to post anything about their daily lives as they have used it for a long period of time. It is easier to use the app as they can tweet without posting any pictures. 

If one wants to post anything about themselves on Instagram then taking a picture is a must. On the other hand, on Twitter, it is different as they can share their thoughts even with text.

When BTS first started their Twitter journey they mostly tweeted in text. Their first tweet was in 2012 about how they will be sharing everything about their group.

2). Twitter Feature: Trends 

Twitter is a place where fans can show their support for their idols. Like if there is an upcoming album of BTS, fans show their support by making that hashtag trending.

 Fans can find all the members in a single place and support the whole group for their albums and songs and interact with them. 

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3). Used Twitter before getting fame

Since the members have used Twitter before their debut they have gained trust from their Twitter army. Being active on social media and interacting with the public is a huge reason behind their success.

They believe they are a group and also they feel comfortable posting together on their shared account. They were the only k-pop group that promoted themselves on social media aside from their live promotions and live interactions.

They updated the fans on social media about their upcoming projects from the start which led to the success of the group. They used to reply to fans on Twitter in their starting years.

If we take Blackpink as an example, the group debuted in the year 2016. But they started promoting themselves on Twitter in 2017 which is after one whole year. On the other hand, BTS debuted in the year 2013  but started promoting the group in 2011. 

Lately, the members of the group have launched their personal Instagram accounts. The members have been actively posting on the platform.

 Why is BTS trending on Twitter most of the time?

Whether it’s the hashtag list or most liked tweets, you will see BTS trending on Twitter almost every day. What is the reason behind it?

1). No. of followers

It should be noted that there are two official accounts of BTS. One is @bts_bighit which is managed by the staff of BigHit Music. It is an official account of BTS where all the announcements related to the upcoming albums, songs, and projects are made.

Another account of BTS is @BTS_twt, it is managed by the members themselves. No matter how busy they are with their shows, projects, or albums, they always take some time out and interact with their fans. 

Both the accounts are followed by a million followers. There is a list of Twitter accounts of BTS and their campaigns like  @bts_love_myself and @BTS_jp_official.

The member’s account has over 44 million followers worldwide. On the other hand, the account which is managed by Bighit  Music has over 37 million fans

There are hundreds of fan pages of BTS on Twitter that support them in all possible manners.

The fans can make them first on the trending list in just a couple of hours.

Every time they post something they get millions of likes in no time. Millions of followers like and retweet their tweets. 

The most trending hashtag of BTS was #BTS in the year 2021. Not only this, every member was on the list of trending this year.

2). Celebrity followings and followers

There are many well-known celebrities who follow BTS on Twitter which makes them more prevalent.

Below are some of the celebrities who follow the official Twitter account of BTS i.e. @bts_bighit and the group account @bts_twt;

  • JOHN CENA (@johncena)- Wrestler
  • LIZZO (@lizzo) – Singer
  • MEGAN THEE STALLION (@theestallion ) – Rapper
  • JENNIFER LOPEZ ( @JLo )- Singer, actress
  • MARSHMELLO (@marshmellomusic)- DJ
  • RYAN REYNOLDS (@VancityReynolds )- Actor
  • CAMILA CABELLO (@Camila_Cabello )- singer

The list of celebrities who follow BTS is very long as everyone loves them. These celebrities often tweet about BTS which is also a reason for them to be trending.

3). Campaigns

BTS is the first Korean group that has launched a campaign like the Love Myself campaign. This campaign has attracted people on a large scale.

Their Twitter account i.e. @bts_love_myself has over 6 million followers. 

 This campaign is spreading awareness among the whole world about various things like:

  • Self-acceptance
  • Generating Hope 
  • Stop Violence against Children and Youth
  • Spreading kindness 

In addition to this, some of the BTS tweets and hashtags spreading social awareness also stood first on the trending list. 

Some of these are #BlackLivesMatter, #StopAsianHate #StopAAPIHate.

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Do BTS members have personal Twitter accounts?

No, BTS members do not have any personal Twitter accounts as they have managed the shared account for a very long time. But they do have separate accounts on Instagram.

Since they also have their solo career ahead, therefore, it is best for them to own their personal Instagram accounts.

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Most Famous BTS tweets From 2021

Some of the most famous BTS tweets which have gained millions of likes and retweets are as follows:


In the end, it is clear that BTS is more comfortable using Twitter for the time being. But they are slowly shifting to their Instagram accounts. 

They have posted stories, posts, and many more on their Instagram. But the old army has followed them since their debut and BTS has gained their trust by regularly posting on Twitter.

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