What is picuki Instagram and how does it work? Is picuki legal & safe

picuki Instagram or pickuki is a website that works for ig users to search and stalk other profiles Anonymously. picuki known as pucuki, pickiu, picucki, pocuki, pickuki or pickuci. 

I have many friends whose stories I like to watch. But I don’t have an instant account. 

Yesterday I take a screenshot of Ronaldo’s picture and set it as wallpaper, but, the picture become blurred. I become sad because of the inferior quality. 

I think all the problems are associated with me or do you also face the same problem? Want to see someone’s stories but don’t have an Instagram account. 

Want to save other’s pictures but Instagram didn’t have the option to download or save them.   

But now, there is no need to worry about that as we have an amazing website called picuki that not only enables us to see insta posts and profiles without accounts but also to download them.

What is  picuki instagram?

picuki (or pickuki/ picuki instagram) is an online Instagram viewer site.  Being an amazing website to browse Instagram content without logging, it also enables you to edit posts, and stalk someone for a never-ending period. 

This website is completely anonymous i.e. it does not allow the account holder to know that you viewed their profile. 

Sometimes people also call it pikuki. The reason is it is a free Instagram viewer in which you can view & download big posts, stories, and  Instagram profile pictures in full size

User search picuki on Google such as?

I have an interesting question to ask. How do you pronounce N-O-T? It should be pronounced as not. Now, how do you pronounce K-N-O-T? 

Ohhh!  It is also pronounced as not. However, these two have different spellings but still have the same pronunciation.   

Similarly, people also confuse the spelling of picuki. Some write it as pucuki, pickiu, picucki search, or some as pocuki ,pickuki or pickuci. 

There are different spellings but the pronunciation remains the same. 

picuki vs Instagram 

There are many differences between picuki and Instagram. Instagram is a social networking site where you connect with people, post pictures, and upload stories.

Whereas picuki search is a website or Instagram web viewer that enables you to view Instagram content through API.  

If Instagram stops giving access to its API then the website will stop working. 

The point where pikuki search stands forth to Instagram is that it provides all the features that Instagram does not provide us such as downloading, editing, and many more. 

Key difference between picuki and Instagram


      Basis       Instagram         picuki 
Connect with peopleIt enables you to connect with people and make new friends.This feature is not available on picuki. You can stalk people but can’t send follow requests. 
Chatting You can chat with your friends and call them as well.You can’t chat with your friends. You can only see their profile. 
Download profile picture and reelYou can’t download profile pictures or reels from Instagram. You can easily download any picture or any reel just by one click  
Deleting the content You can easily delete your post, stories or remove profile pictures.  You cannot delete or remove anything. 
Growth of accountIt reflects the growth of your account.It does not reflect the growth. 
Edit pictures and video You can only change filters in your photo and adjust the brightness.You will get amazing features, filters, and other options to edit your post. 

How to use picuki? 

picuki or picuki Instagram is very easy to use. You just simply follow the steps given below to use it. 

We have two different ways. First for seeing someone’s account and second for hashtag search. 

steps for seeing someones account

  1. Visit the website picuki.com 
  2. In the screen search bar will be shown. Just search for the username. 

  1. A list of accounts will reflect on the screen. Choose from that. 

  1. Just click on the account you are searching for, the account will open. 

steps to search for hashtags

  1. Visit the website picuki.com 
  2. Type the hashtag you are looking for in the search box 
  3. Tap “tag” above the search results. 
  1. Just click the hashtag you are looking for. 

Why choose picuki instagram?

 Let’s have a look upon the features that make it different from others:

  • Free of cost. 
  • Edit an insta post and save it easily. 
  • No need to sign up or make picuki account.
  • Easily search for trending accounts and hashtags. 
  • Copy paste captions and hashtags.
  • Download Instagram profile picture in full size. 
  • Various types of editing features and filters.
  • Secured and safe. 

picuki alternative website

Everything has an alternative. Even when we make a plan we also have plan B as an picuki alternative

Just like that, picuki has an alternative website which you can use easily. The website is Reegram.com 

As we know that some glitches occur many times in websites. So at that time, you can use reegram.com without any hesitation. 

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What picuki do not provide?

It is a simple website or free Instagram viewer. Despite its fabulous features, it does not provide several other features such as you cannot:

~ post pictures and videos

~ edit posts that contain more than one picture.  

~ comment or like on other’s post 

~ tag someone or put a story

~ message anyone or share anything 

~ access to other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 

How to download ig photos and videos using picuki Instagram?

If you learn how to use a website, how to open someone’s profile then it becomes very easy for you to download it. 

You just need to follow the steps discussed above to see someone’s account. After you open the desired account, the download option will appear. 

There is no magic. It is the function or coding of a website that makes the download option appear on the side of the picture. 

Uniqueness of picuki

Everything is different. Everything has some special features or quality that makes it different. 

Picuki Instagram also has some features that make it unique. Let us know about them. 

  • Download posts in high quality even without logging in. 
  • See what others are doing i.e, a person’s user history.
  • No one will know that you are stalking them. 
  • Edit pictures and videos with unique editing options. 

picuki editing methods to make your photo unique  

 As much as we discussed above, you will now be aware that pickuki is the only Instagram stories viewer that enables you to edit photos and videos. 

Apart from editing options like brightness, colour, background, and all, one can easily download the edited picture by just one click. 

All you need to do is: 

~ go to the website and open the desired picture. 

~ select the edit option. 

~ start editing with numerous options available. 

Why picuki Instagram not working?

All the people are worried and searching why picuki Instagram not working? Why is the site not responding? Are there any technical glitches in the site? 

The answer is yes. There are some glitches that occur sometimes. And also many times it happens that the server is slow or the network is not working properly. 

But it may happen that you need to download anything at that time. In this situation, don’t panic or don’t be sad just use Reegram.com. 

What is picuki app?

I was scrolling google, searching about pickuki, I found that many people are asking about picuki app

I researched about that and I figured it out that there is no pikuki app. This is only a website that you can search on any browser you are using but no such app is there.

Final thoughts

 This always happens that your friends ask you that I like this picture or reel but are unable to download it. You also want to help them but you also don’t know how to cope up with this problem.

So, if your friend had shared this problem with you or next time your asks you about this, then must help them by telling them about such an amazing website.  

It is like dream becomes true. One can download pictures or reels from Instagram without an account, edit Instagram posts with amazing features and stalk anyone. 

This is only because there is are the website picuki and reegram.com that gives you all the features that you will never find on Instagram.  

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