List of Top 12 Must Watch OTT Web Series in Hindi

The rise of video streaming platforms has made Web series a popular replacement for television shows these days. Web series have become the new preferred format, especially among young people. As we keep watching one episode after another, we get a little too caught up in the show.

Do you also enjoy watching the top web series? Check out the complete list of Must watch OTT web series in Hindi. The following list will help you decide which of the best Hindi web series you should watch next. Additionally, we have included who we recommend watching the best web series in hindi. 

Whether you enjoy watching web series in a binge or a short time frame, this list consists of best web series of all time.  

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List of Must watch OTT web series In Hindi:

4. Asur (IMDB Rating- 8.5/10)

The story of a serial killer is always worth watching. What makes it even more exciting is a serial killer who’s rooted deeply in Hindu mythology! The killer does heinous murders and makes it extremely challenging for the forensic team to crack the case. Starring Arshad Warsi as a senior forensic expert, this top web series will keep you hooked by the first episode!

Who should watch it?

You can watch it for interesting events of psychological thrillers, murder mysteries, and a forensic team trying so hard to catch the bad guy!

3. Immature (IMDB Rating- 8.9/10)

We all remember school days for more than just studies. It sure was a magical time. Being restricted from too much hanging out with friends, crossing the limits for the first time, being mocked by your friends for something silly.

Can you relate to falling for a topper crush who’s way beyond your league? The things you did to get the attention of your crush and the fights with rivalries, this TV show just has had everything you can relate to with your childhood days.

It’s a must watch OTT web series of a story about a boy who goes through his childhood just like we did but in a most realistic manner. Except, it will take you back to your school days. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry you’ll be emotional at times. 

Who should watch this?

If you want to relive your old childhood and school days when you didn’t know adult life, do not miss this one.

2. Flames (IMDB Rating- 9.2/10)

The series will take you back to the era of innocence when we all fell in love for the first time. The class topper falls for the new girl’s intuition and thus begins the teenage romance. It will give you nostalgia about when you used to enjoy spending time with crushes and helping them with homework. When topping the class and getting attention from the crush was the only aim in life. It is one of the best web series of all time.

Who should watch this? 

If you are in the mood to go back in time to the rosy romantic teenage years along with the struggle in exams, definitely give this a go.

1. Gullak (IMDB Rating- 9.2/10)

Unlike a hyped action thriller, this is a simple story about the everyday lives of a middle-class family where every episode is a different ‘Kissa.’ It’s a peek into the life of a common man and their problems with a humorous touch. It’s one of the rare shows on amazon prime that you can watch with your family!

Who should watch this show?

Anyone who can relate to what it’s like living in a middle-class family should definitely watch this most popular web series.

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Best Web Series in Hindi On YouTube

After Netflix, amazon prime, other YouTube channels like TVF, Sony Liv is right in the competition with top web series like these mentioned below. Whether it’s thriller or drama, YouTube channels like TVF are now a big deal and attracting lots of viewers to this free streaming platform. Here are the best web series of all time from these channels which are right in the race with amazon and Netflix originals!

8. Little Things (IMDB Rating 8.3/10)

Little things is now a popular show on Netflix. However, you can see the first season on YouTube for free! That one is the best among all seasons and explores all the sweet nothings of a relationship. It revolves around the modern-day relationship and how people need to go easy with making huge decisions. 

Who should watch it?

It is undeniably the best web series of all time for all the couples out there struggling in relationships. 

7. Please Find Attached (IMDB Rating 8.6/10)

A story of sweet nothings is the central theme of this mini-series. Two colleagues have a beautiful bond and go through their everyday lives pleasantly. It has three episodes in 20 min each. It won’t take a lot of time to give this show a watch over YouTube. You’ll surely enjoy the journey and learn a lot of life lessons. 

Who should watch it?

You can watch this mini-series if you like to explore the sweet part of the relationship where everything is bright and colorful! 

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6. Soulmates (IMDB Rating 8.7/10)

The series only has ten episodes and focuses on the two leading characters. It’s very similar to the movie before sunrise in terms of the conversation flow. The plot is, however, different and very addictive. Just in two episodes, the characters and their conversation will have your attention.

Who should watch it?

People who believe in love which is beyond just movies and dates should give this a try.

5. Operation MBBS (IMDB Rating 9.0/10)

The show is about first-year MBBS students who are all set to become great doctors. Most of the similar series focuses on nostalgia for engineering and college life, while this one focuses on academic pressure over students. It only has five episodes and is worth every second. 

Who should watch it?

It is best for medical students with big dreams, struggling for their careers, or even doctors.

4. Tvf pitchers (IMDB Rating 9.1/10) 

Here comes a unique startup series for youngsters! The show is about four young entrepreneurs who are frustrated with their jobs and want to do something new. One fine day they quit their jobs in pursuit of their own start-up. Stay with them through this journey and feel the struggles behind the unsupported startups.

Who should watch it?

Anyone who is trying to do a startup should watch this show for little motivation!

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3. Kota Factory (IMDB Rating 9.2/10)

Kota factory surely is one of the Best Hindi web series. The TVF show is still in the hearts of all the students. It has a relatable story that revolves around students and their struggle to get a bright career. It’s about a 16-year-old boy Vaibhav aspiring to give IIT exams. You’ll see a friendly teacher played by Jitendra Kumar. The show only has five episodes and will surely touch the hearts of all the students.

Who should watch it?

This show is perfect for students who are still struggling to become successful engineers.

2. Aspirants (IMDB Rating- 9.2/10)

Another show for struggling students! The web show focuses on the life of UPSC aspirants. Every Indian who has dreamed of cracking MPSC or UPPSC can understand the characters’ pain in the show. One of the best shows on TVF; it premiered on 7th April 2021 and is still and still running well. Starring Naveen Kastoria and Shivankit Singh Parihar, it has great actors to keep you up from the first episode. Aspirants will surely be included in the list of the best web series of all time in Hindi.

Who should watch it?

If you are struggling to give an exam like UPSC, MPSC, tune in and share the pain!

1. SCAM 1992 (IMDB Rating- 9.5/10)

This probably is the most popular web series on YouTube! The show is set in the early 1980s and 90s in Bombay, a real story about a scam that shook the nation.

He used to have a tie-up with the bank for his evil purpose of becoming a king of the stock market. The show tells you how doing too much of anything can take you to the top or drop you down on your knees. 

The set revolves around Harshad Mehta, who is a stockbroker and a mind gamer. He knows how to do stock marketing the right way or, in a way, that works for him, at least! By doing a lot of gambling, he tries his best to become the richest man in the town. But will his plans make him wealthy or will badly? Watch him turn events in his favor even when least expected and become the king of the stock market, or otherwise. 

Who should watch it?

The show came out at the peak of stock marketing! If you’re into stock marketing too or even slightly related to finance, missing out on it would be a mistake. 

Basically everyone! It’s a fun show that will keep you on edge and entertained throughout every episode with unexpected twists and turns. And also, it will teach you the dark side of scams.

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All the shows mentioned above are great; maybe they are not for everyone. But after knowing a little description, you can calculate which show you will enjoy the most. And you know where to watch it, right! 


Q. Which series should I watch in India?

Some of the top web series you should watch In India are:

Scam 1992


Sacred Games

Q. Which is the No 1 Web series in India?

Ans. There are many top web series that fall under the list of No.1 and must watch OTT web series:

  • Scam 1992
  • Kota Factory
  • Aspirants
  • Mirzapur

Q. Which web series is best?

There are a number of must-watch OTT web series and among them, the best web series of all time is Stranger Things.

Q. Which is the cheapest OTT platform in India?

There are some of the cheapest platforms like ZEE 5 and some of the platforms like Voot, Jio cinema which allows users to watch most of their content for free.

Q. Which OTT platform is best?

Ans. There is a number of best OTT platforms in India providing the Top web series. Some of them are listed below:

  • Disney+ Hotstar
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • ZEE 5
  • Sony LIV

Q.Is Netflix an OTT?

Ans. Yes, Netflix is an OTT platform that provides you with the top web series.

Q. Is YouTube an OTT?

Ans. No, YouTube is not considered to be an OTT as it is a social media video-sharing platform but it also provides top web series.

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