Top 15 Amazing Kpop Idols who are Also Brilliant Actors

K-pop idols are multi-talented!

Everyone knows that K-pop idols are full of talents that are not only limited to singing. Whether it’s singing or dancing, their skills are an ace.

Many of the K-pop idols have also entered the acting career and proved to everyone once again that idols are multi-talented.

In this article, you will get to know about those fantastic Kpop idols who are also brilliant actors and the movies and dramas with Kpop idols as actors. With the list which I have made for you of the Top 15 Kpop idols who are actors.

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List of Top 15 Kpop idols who are also brilliant Actors:

1) D.O – EXO

Do Kyung Soo is the main vocalist of the K-pop group ‘Exo‘. He started his singing career in 2010 after winning a singing competition. 

He is very good at cooking. D.O has also released solo albums like Empathy which includes:

● Rose


● My Love

● It’s Love

● Dad

● I’m fine

● Si Fueras Mia

This album was a great hit and sold 310,108 copies. With singing and beatboxing, he is one of those best Kpop idols who are actors with lots of talents.

Movies and series by D.O

Kyung Soo started his acting debut in the movie “Cart” in the year 2014.

Movies in which Do Kyung Soo acted :

1.  Cart

2. Pure love

3. My annoying brother

4. Room no. 7

5. Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds

6. Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days

7. Swing Kids

8. The Moon

9. The Secret The Unspeakable

Korean Dramas of Do Kyung Soo:

1. To the Beautiful You

2. It’s Okay, That’s Love

3. Exo Next Door

4. Hello Monster

5. Be Positive

6. 100 Days My Prince

7. Dear My Room

2) Baekhyun- Exo

Byun Baek-Hyun is the main vocalist of the leading k-pop group Exo. He is also a songwriter. His dream was to become a celebrity from a very young age.

He is the ninth member of Exo. The solo songs of Baek-Hyun include:

● UN Village

● Get you alone

● Candy

● Stay Up

● Betcha

● Ice Queen

● Psycho

Movies and series by Baekhyun

Baekhyun became one of those Kpop idols as actors by appearing in the series ‘ Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ in 2016.

Movies by Baek-Hyun

1) Singin’ in the Rain

Korean Dramas of Baek-Hyun:

1) To the Beautiful You

2) Exo Next Door

3) Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

3) IU – Solo

The third famous idol in this list of Kpop idols who are actors according to me is Lee Ji Eun. She is commonly known by her stage name IU which means ‘You and I become one through Music’. She is a solo Korean singer and a songwriter.

She debuted in the K-pop Industry in the year 2008 with her song album Lost and Album. She got fame from her album Real in which she was the lead singer.

She is also a host, guitarist, and also spokesperson. Told you all K-pop idols are multi-talented. She is one of the most famous female Kpop idols who are actors.

IU has 5 studio albums and 9 extended plays. Some of her songs are:

● Strawberry moon


● Celebrity

● Blueming

● Eight

Movies and series by IU

IU started acting in the year 2011 from the series ‘Dream High’.

Movies by IU

1. Real

2. Shades of the Heart

3. Dream

4. Broker

Series by IU

1. Dream High

2. Welcome to the Show

3. Dream High 2

4. Salamander Guru and The Shadows

5. You Are the Best!

6. Bel Ami

7. The Producers

8. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

9. My Mister

10. Hotel Del Luna

4) V – BTS

Kim Taehyung is a singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is a member of the worldwide famous South Korean group BTS

Everyone knows he is the most handsome man but he is also one of the most famous Kpop idols who are actors. He dreamt of becoming a saxophonist. He made his debut in the year 2013. Besides, singing with the group he also has released his solo songs and album which includes:

● Stigma

● Singularity

● Scenery

● Winter Bear

● Inner Child

● Sweet Night

● Sunflower

● 4 O Clock

● It’s Definitely You

● 95 Graduation

Movies and series by V

He entered the group of Kpop idols as actors with the K-drama Hwarang in 2016.

Movies of V

1. Break the Silence

2. Bring the Soul

Series of Taehyung

1. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

2. Itaewon Class

3. On the Way to the Airport

5) Cha Eunwoo – Astro

Lee Dong Min is the vocalist, visual, and face of the 6 member K-pop group ‘Astro‘. He also plays Piano, Guitar, Flute, and Violin.

He is also called face genius because of his crazily handsome face. Some of his solos include:

● Together

● Please Remember

● Love so Fine

Movies and Series by Cha Eunwoo

He made his appearance in the Kpop idols as actors list with the movie ‘My Brilliant Life’ in the year 2014.

Movies in which Cha Eunwoo acted

1. My Brilliant Life

2. Decibel

Series of Cha Eunwoo

1. Hit the top

2. Gangnam Beauty

3. Rookie Historian Goo Haeryung

4. True Beauty

5. Island

6. To Be Continued

7. My Romantic Some Recipe

8. Sweet Revenge

9. Top Management

10. Soul Plate

6) Bae Suzy – Solo

Bae Su-ji was a member of a disbanded k-pop group Miss A. She joined the group and made her debut in 2010.

In 2017 she made her appearance as a solo artist with the album, ‘ Yes?No?’. Some of her songs are:

● Dream ( with Baekhyun)

● I Love You Boy

● Ring My Bell

● Yes No Maybe

● Winter Child

● My Dear Love

Movies and Series by Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy started acting from the series Dream High in 2011.

Movies of Bae Suzy

1. Architecture 101

2. The Sound of a Flower

3. Real

4. Ashfall

5. Live your strength

6. Wonderland

Television series

1. Dream high

2. Drama special

3. I need a fairy

4. Big

5. Gu family book

6. My love from the star

7. Pinocchio

8. Uncontrollably fond

9. While you were sleeping

10. Vagabond

11. Startup

12. Anna

7) Park hyung Sik – ZE :A

Park Hyung Sik is the second youngest member of the group ZE: A. Along with Kevin, Hyung Sik is the lead singer of the group.

Not his singing but his acting skills are also awesome which made him

Songs by Park Hyungsik-

● I’ll be here

● Because of You

● You’re my Love

● True Colours (with Lee Sung Kyung)

● Two Lights

Movie and Series by Park Hyung Sik

Park Hyung Sik began acting in 2012 with the drama I Remember You.

Movies of Park Hyung Sik:

1. Ronin Pop

2. Two Lights: Relúmîno

3. Juror 8

Series of Park Hyung Sik

1. Prosecutor princess

2. All about marriage

3. Gloria

4. I remember you

5. Dummy mummy

6. My husband got a family

7. Sirius

8. Nine

9. The heirs

10. What’s with this family

11. High society

12. Hwarang

13. Strong girl bong soon

14. Suits

15. Happiness

8) Suho- Exo

Another one of the top Kpop idols who are actors is Kim Jun-myeon. He is the leader and the main vocalist of the K-pop group Exo. Meaning of his stage name Suho is the guardian.

He joined the group in the year 2012 as the tenth member. These are solo songs by Suho:

● Let’s Love

● O²

● Starlight

● Made In You

● For you now

● Starry night

Movies and Series by Suho

He started acting in the year 2007 as an extra in the film Attack on the pin-up boys.

Suho movies:

1. Attack on the pin-up boys

2. One-way trip

3. Middle school girl A

4. The present

Television series of Suho

1. To the beautiful you

2. Prime minister and I

3. The universe’s star

4. Rich man

5. How are you bread

9) Jisoo

Kim Jisoo is the singer of the famous Korean girl group Blackpink. She is considered the mood maker of the group.

Along with singing she also falls in this category of well-known Kpop idols who are actors.

She started her singing career in 2016. Some of her songs are:

● Clarity

● Love Yourself

● Habits

Movies and Series by Jisoo

She started acting with a cameo appearance in the television series ‘The Producers’

Series of Kim Jisoo

1. The Producers

2. Part-time idols

3. Arthdal chronicles

4. Snowdrop

10) Joy- red velvet

Park Soo Young is the fourth member of the Korean group Red velvet. She is the tallest member among the four.

Some of her songs are:

● Dream me

● First Christmas

Movies and Series by Joy

Joy debuted as an actor with the film SMTown the stage.

Movies by joy

1. SMTown: The stage

Joy’s series

1. Descendant of the Sun

2. The liar and his lover

3. Tempted

4. The one and only

11) Kai- Exo

Next in the category of Kpop idols who are actors is Kai. Kim Jong In is the main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist, and visual of the Korean group Exo.

He got into SM entertainment in 2007. He also knows ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, popping, and locking. Some of his songs are:

● Mmmh

● Amnesia

● Nothing on me

● Confession

● Reason

● Ride or die

Movies and Series by Kai

#Kai made his appearance in the acting field in 2016 with the web drama Choco Bank as the lead role.

Series by Kai

1. Choco Bank

2. Andante

3. Miracle that we met

4. Haru ga Kita

5. 7 first kisses

12) Rowoon – SF9

Kim Seok-woo is the main vocalist, dancer, and visual of the group sf9. He is also a great cook.

He joined the group in the year 2016. Following are the songs by Rowoon:

● First Love

● For Lovers Who Hesitate

● No goodbye in love

Movies and Series by Rowoon

Rowoon made his debut in television series in the year 2017 with the series ‘School 2017’.

Rowoon’s series:

1. School 2017

2. Modulove

3. About time

4. Where stars land

5. Extraordinary you

6. Find me in your memory

7. She would never know

8. The king’s affection

9. Tomorrow

13) Park jinyoung- Got7

Jinyoung is the lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, and face of the Korean group Got7

He debuted in the group Got7 in the year 2014. Songs of Jinyoung:

● We are the B

● Hold me

● My youth

● Dive

Movies and Series by Park Jin-Young

#Jinyoung made his acting debut as a cameo appearance in the series Dream High in the year 2012.

Movies by Park Jin young

1. Sanctuary

2. A stray goat

3. Princess aya

4. Yacha

5. A Christmas carol.

 Series by Jinyoung

1. Dream high 2

2. When a man falls in love

3. Dream knight

4. This is my love

5. Legend of the Blue sea

6. He is psychometric

7. Melting me softly

8. When my love blooms

9. The devil judge

10. Yumi’s Cells

11. This is my love: the beginning

12. Magic school

14) Kim Myungsoo

Commonly known as L, Myungsoo is a member of the group Infinite. Is the lead vocalist of the group. He debuted in the year 2010.

His cute looks make him one of the most adorable Kpop idols as actors.

Some of his songs are as follows:

● Memory

● One more time

● Reminisce

Movies and Series by Kim Myungsoo

He started acting by starring in a Japanese drama Jiu Keishicho Tokushuhan Sousagakari in 2011.

Series of Kim Jung soo

1. Jiu

2. Flower band

3. Master’s sun

4. Cunning single lady

5. My lovely girl

6. The time we were not in love

7. The emperor: owner of the mask

8. Miss Hammurabi

9. Angel’s last mission: love

10. Welcome

11. Royal secret agent

12. My Catman

13. Day after we broke up

15) Choi min ho

The last idol to fall in this category of Kpop idols as actors is Minho. He is the rapper and vocalist of the group Shinee. He was selected as a member in the year 2008.

Some of his songs are:

  • I’m Home
  •  Get Down
  • Juliette

Movies and Series by Choi Min Ho

The first drama of Choi Min Ho is Pianist, by which he came into the group of Kpop idols who are actors.

Movies of Choi Min Ho

  1. Canola
  2. Derailed
  3. The Princess and the Matchmaker
  4. Illang: The Wolf Brigade

Series of Choi Min Ho

  1. My Precious You
  2. Pianist
  3. Salamander Guru and the Shadows
  4. To the Beautiful You
  5. Medical top Team
  6. Hwarang
  7. The Most Beautiful Goodbye
  8. Fabulous
  9. Somehow 18
  10. Goosebumps


So these were the talented gems of the K-Pop industry, who can win your heart with their looks and mind-blowing acting skills. I also mentioned the movies and series of these Kpop idols who are also actors above.

 I highly recommend you to watch their high-class acting. I hope you all like my list of 15 Korean Idol who are Actors. Which from above are your favorite Kpop idols as actors? Let me know in the comments section.

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