Important Days and Dates in March 2022|National/International

March important days 2022: March is famous as, a new beginning or the first day of spring with the vernal equinox.

March 2022 has 31 days and some days are very special and important days. For students, almost every government competitive examination like Banking, Entrance exam, SSC, Railway, UPSC, etc. .  Some questions are asked regarding important days and dates in March 2022, National and International days.

Thrilling animals like rabbits, aquamarine (Sea blue) animals represent the month. Also, animals start to wake up from hibernation.

In this article, we are going to discuss and list down all important days and dates in march 2022, worldwide.

1st March 2022 – World Civil Defence Day

World Civil Defence Day (started 1990) is celebrated on the 1st march across the world annually. To mark the prestige, symbolizes honor, explores the importance of civil protection.

The theme of the World Civil Defence Day 2022,   Strong Civil Protection  To preserve  The National Economy. 

1st March 2022 – Zero Discrimination Day

Zero Discrimination Day (started 2014) is observed on 1st march globally every year. To promote equality in everyone’s life and practices throughout all UN member countries.

The theme of Zero Discrimination Day 2022,  is to end inequalities.

The symbol of the special day is a  butterfly.  The symbol represents the end of discrimination, freedom, and positive transformation.

3rd March 2022 – World WideLife Day

World Wide Life Day ( started 2013) is commemorated on 3rd March every year. To highlight the importance of marine wildlife, water, and its sustainable development.

The theme of World Wildlife day 2022, is sustaining all living beings on Earth i.e all wild animal and plant species.

4th March 2022 – National Safety Day

National Safety Day ( started 1965) is celebrated on 4th March by the National Safety Council of India in India. To make citizens get safe from different issues like health problems, financial loss, and many more problems that the citizens are facing in their life.

The theme of National Safety Day 2022, ‘Sadak Suraksha’  of all citizens equally.

8th March 2022 – International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (started 1917)  is conducted on 8th march as a global holiday.  To commemorate the political, cultural, and socioeconomic growth of women up to today’s date worldwide.

The theme of International Women’s Day 2022 is to Let’s together choose the challenge, therefore, put out gender bias and inequality.

The Colour of women’s Day 2021, Purple, white and green, and purple indicates justice and dignity.

8th March 2022 – Ramkrishna Jayanti

Ramkrishna Jayanti is celebrated on 8th March this year as186th  birthday anniversary.

On this important day, he is remembered as the leading Hindu spiritual leader in the 19th century, throughout India, and on today’s date as well. Also, his inspirational quotes are followed by many people in different Hindu countries.

10th March 2022  – CISF Raising Day

The Central Industrial Security Forces (CISF) Raising day ( started 1969) is conducted on 10th march annually all over  India. To highlight the importance of security in the extreme industrial undertakings in both private and government sectors.

The important day motto of CISF is to provide protection and security and guide by the ministry of home affairs, the government of India.

12th March 2022 – Mauritius Day

Mauritius day (started 1992) is celebrated on 12th March each year. To mark the two major events that took place in the history of Mauritius i.e,  independence from Britain in 1968 and 1992 it became a republic.

Mauritius National Day is a public holiday.

13th March 2022 – World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day (started 2008)  is observed on13th march yearly to fingermark the importance of good and healthy sleep. 

The slogan of World Sleep Day 2021, Regular Sleep, Healthy Future and to maintain a healthy mental and physical state in the future.

14th March 2022 – International Day  for Rivers Action 

International Day of Action for Rivers (started 1998) is celebrated on 14th March annually. To provide more knowledge about the importance of rivers.

The theme of International Day of Action for Rivers 2022,   ‘Rights of Rivers’ and protect them.

14th March 2022 – Pi Day

Pi Day (started 1988) is conducted on 14th March every year around the world.

Pi is a symbol in the Greek letter ‘π’and its meaning is circumference used in mathematics that indicates a constant. In English, it is pronounced as “pie”  (/paɪ/ PY). Hence, it is the ratio of the circumference of the circle and diameter which is nearly 3.14.

15th March 2022 – World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day ( started 1962  )is celebrated on 15th March every year. To mark awareness for consumer rights and needs.

The theme of World Consumer Rights Day 2022 is  ‘The Sustainable Consumer’ and tackling the plastic pollution crisis on earth.

16th March 2022 – National Vaccination Day

National Vaccination Day ( started 1995 ) is conducted on 16th March annually.  To highlight the importance of vaccines to the entire citizen. National Vaccination Day is also called National Immunization Day.

The motive of National Vaccination day 2022, ‘Vaccines connect us closer and help to improve everyone’s health.

18th March 2022 – Ordnance Factories Day (India)

Ordnance Factories Day ( started 1802) is conducted on 18th march annually to consider the foundation of India’s oldest Ordnance Factory, at Cossipore, almost Kolkata colonial time.

Ordnance Factory Board is the 37th-largest safeguard equipment manufacturer in the world, 2nd largest in Asia, and also the largest in India.

The theme of Ordnance Factories Day,  Aim High, Accelerate Your Life and Fly, Fight, Win.

The special day is celebrated by displaying guns, artillery, rifles, ammunition, etc. in different places all over India.  

20th March 2022 – International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness ( started 2013) is celebrated on 20th march in the United Nations.  To remember the importance of happiness in people’s lives around the planet.

The theme of International Day of Happiness 20th march,  ‘Keep Calm and Stay Wise.

20th March 2022 – World Oral Health Day

World Oral Health Day (started 2013) is commemorated on 20th March, annually.

The world united on this day to reduce oral disease and conduct a year-long campaign. To highlight the oral health issues and the importance of oral hygiene around the planet.

The theme of World Oral Health Day 2022, ‘let’s all Proud of Your Mouth and Take Care’.

21st  March 2022 – World Forest Day

World Forest Day (started 1971) is observed on the 21st, every year. To feature and awareness about significance, value, contribution, and benefit done by all types of forest to maintain the ecosystem in nature.

The theme of Forest Day 2022, ‘Forest restoration; a path to recovery, reappear and well-being’.

21st March 2022 – World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day ( started 2006 ) is celebrated on the 21st of each year.

To expertise regarding the effect of down syndrome in individuals, physical and mental health. It is a naturally occurring chromosomal arrangement in humans and may cause different effects.

The theme of World Down Syndrome Day 2022, CONNECT. That is to connect or treat people with down syndrome equally like other normal people, in the context of equal rights and empowerment

22nd March 2022 – World Water Day

World Water Day (started 1993) is observed on 22nd march worldwide. To talk about the importance of water and sustainable use of water. About 2.2 billion people do not have access to pure and safe water.

The motive of 2021, World Water Day, ‘Valuing Water’.

23rd March 2022 – World Meteorological Day

World Meteorological Day ( started 1950) is commemorated on 23rd march annually. To make people aware of climate and weather safety and protecting the Earth’s atmosphere.

The theme for 2021, World Meteorological Day, The Ocean, Weather

and our Climate.

24th March 2022 – Tuberculosis (TB) Day

Tuberculosis day (started 1882 ) is conducted on 24th March each year. To explore knowledge about Tuberculosis and its effect on health, economic and social status. Also, efforts are set up to end the global TB epidemic.

The theme of World TB Day 2021, ‘The Clock is Ticking‘. That is the world is running out of time to work on the commitments to end the TB strategy conducted by global principals.

27th March 2022 – World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day (started 1962) is celebrated on 27th March annually. By ITI centers, ITI Cooperating Members, and the international theatre community.

World Theatre Day message to raise the significance of theatre arts.

The theme for World Theatre Day 2021, ‘Theatre and the  Culture of Peace.

In conclusion, these are the important Days and Dates in March 2022. Which not only provides general knowledge but also may be helpful in upcoming government competitive examinations.  

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