Important Days and Dates in April 2022|National/International

Important days and dates in April 2022: Special days in April 2022, it is the 4th month of the year, and celebrate various festival important days, events, and holidays globally. 

India is the country known for unity in diversity as it is the 2nd largest country by population. Moreover, it needs to know all important days of every month and April is one of them with its significance and value. 

This article will give you complete knowledge about celebrations, events, promoted integration, theme, and important days in April 2022. 

List of Important Days and Dates in April 2022

1st April 2022 – April Fools’ Day 

April Fools’ Day (started 1852) is celebrated on 1st April every year.

On this important day,  activities like practical jokes, pranks, jokes, gags for fun, and laughs with friends and family are done. 

1st April 2022 – Odisha Foundation Day 

Odisha Foundation Day (started 1936) is observed on 1st April annually to mark the formation of states and separate provinces. 

The other name of Odisha Foundation Day is Utkal Divas and the first independent state. 

2nd April 2022 – World Autism Awareness Day 

World Autism Awareness Day (started 2007) is conducted on 2nd April each year as an awareness day to improve and mark the quality of those with autism so they can lead meaningful lives as an important part of society. 

The theme for World Autism Awareness Day 2022is ‘ Workplace Inclusion; opportunities and challenges in a Post Pandemic World ‘. 

4th April 2022 – International Day of Mine awareness 

International Day of Mine awareness ( started 2005 ) is celebrated on 4th April yearly. To highlight the knowledge of land mines and strategy about mine action. 

The theme of International Day of Mine awareness 2022, Partnership, perseverance, and progress. 

5th April 2022 – National Maritime Day 

National Maritime Day ( started 1964) is observed on 5th April every year. To reflect gratitude for the maritime industry and a United States holiday. 

The theme for National Maritime Day for 2022, is Sustainable Shipping beside COVID – 19. 

7th April 2022 – World Health Day 

World Health Day ( started 1948 ) is celebrated on 7th April each year. To highlight the anniversary of the World Health Organization and raise necessary health issues globally.

The World Health Day theme 2022, ‘ healthier world, Building a fairer’. 

10th April 2022 – World Homoeopathy Day (WHD)

World Homeopathy Day ( started 1989 ) is observed on 10th April annually. To comment tribute to homeopathy and raise awareness about homeopathy medicine globally. Also, 

The World Homoeopathy Day theme 2022, ‘Homeopathy – Integrative Medicine for Roadmap’. 

11th April 2022 – National Safe Motherhood Day 

National Safe Motherhood Day (started 2003) is conducted on 11th April every year. To point out the importance of pregnancy care, the period just after pregnancy  services and childbirth 

The theme for this year’s National Safe Motherhood Day 2022, is ‘keep mother and newborn baby protected from coronavirus and stay at home on coronavirus time ‘. 

13th April 2022 – Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre ( started 1919) is observed on 13th April each year. 

On this important day,  to highlight the tributes for brave martyrs that were massacred in Jallainwala Bagh. 

14th April 2022 – Ambedkar Remembrance Day 

Ambedkar Remembrance Day (started 2021)  is commemorated on 14th April as the 131 birthday anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar and a public holiday.

The biggest Jayanti in the world is commonly also known as Ambedkar Jayanti.  

17th April 2022 – World Haemophilia Day 

World Haemophilia Day ( started 1989 ) is celebrated on 17th April to raise awareness about hemophilia and bleeding disorders. 

Haemophilia is a rare disorder,  in such conditions due to insufficient blood clotting proteins, blood doesn’t naturally clot. 

The theme of World Haemophilia 2022, Sustaining care globally and adapting to change. 

18th April 2022 – World Heritage Day 

World Heritage Day ( started 1982 )  is observed on 18th April to expand knowledge about cultural heritage globally. 

International day for Sites and Monuments. 

The theme of World Heritage Day 2022, Complex past; Diverse Future. 

21st April 2022 – National Civil Day 

National Civil Day ( started 1947 )  is celebrated on 21st April annually to encourage and motivate  Civil Servants’ work by the Government of India. 

The Father of the Indian Civil Service is Charles Cornwallis.

22nd April 2022 – World Earth Day 

World Earth Day ( started 1970 )  is conducted on 22nd April yearly to mark the birthday of the modern environmental movement.  Also, focus on protecting and conserving the environment. 

The theme for World Earth Day 2022, Volunteering to grow the Environment where we live.  

World Book and Copyright Day ( started 1995 ) is observed on 22nd April each year to reflect the birth and death anniversary of different prestigious authors. 

The theme of World Book and Copyright Day 2022,’ To share the story and enjoy the book reading. 

25th April 2022 – World Malaria Day 

World Malaria Day (Started 2001 ) is conducted on 25th April annually to mark the worldwide effort to control malaria and celebrate the improvement made in different factors like treatment, education, and prevention. 

26th April 2022 – World Intellectual Property Day 

World Intellectual Property Day ( Started 2000) is observed on 26th April each year to highlight and make aware of the copyright, trademarks, patents, designs results in daily life. 

The theme of World Intellectual Property Day 2022, is ‘Taking your new ideas to market’. 

28th April 2022 – Worker’s Memorable Day 

Worker’s Memorable Day (started 1989)  is celebrated on 28th April yearly to mark the worker skills,  bring together and their representatives conducts events for the rights and protection of workers globally.  

The theme of Worker’s Memorable Day 2022, Safety and Health is the basic right at work ‘. 

In summary, these are Special days in April 2022 that may enhance your general knowledge and are also helpful in preparation for upcoming competitive several exams. 

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