BTS members now have their separate BTS Instagram accounts!

OMG!!!! BTS members launched their solo Instagram accounts.

Recently a few months ago, all the seven members got their separate Instagram I’d. Ever since BTS Instagram accounts have launched, this has caused havoc all over Instagram. The army is so happy with this good news. 

Within a few hours, all the seven members got millions of followers. But this new start also gave some tension to the boys. In this article, you will get to know the names of BTS Instagram accounts, what problems they faced and what records these Instagram accounts of BTS members have broken.

BTS Instagram accounts

These are the official IDs of all the BTS Instagram accounts: 

V Instagram

This is the real id of Kim Taehyung – @thv. Within 48 hours our TaeTae got over 22 million followers. Now he has over 35 million followers.

His first post was of the baby dinosaur Dooly. To which Jin commented “Are you still taller than me?” and V replied ‘Aren’t you?’.

Meaning of V Instagram ID

Taehyung’s ID ‘thv’ comes from his stage name V. His ID consists of both his real name as well as his stage name.

 Fans think that the first two words ‘t’ and ‘h’ come from his real name Taehyung. The third letter V is his stage name.

The average likes per post of Taehyung are 12 million.

Jimin’s Instagram

The official Instagram id of Jimin is @j.m. Jiminie has over 30 million followers on his account.

He posted his first post which was from the shooting of “Butter”

Meaning of Jimin’s ID

Jimin’s I’d is very simple and classy. His I’d j.m clearly shows his initials. 

The average number of likes per post on Jimin’s account is approximately 13 million.

Jin’s Instagram

The Instagram ID of Jin is @jin. Our worldwide handsome man has over 20 million followers on his Instagram account.

The first post by Jin is very cute as he is the squid game doll. 

Meaning of Jin’s ID

The Username of Jin is one of the most simple ones. It is his stage name and the real name ‘Jin’. 

On the account of Jin, the average amount of likes per post are 11 million. 

Jhope’s Instagram

Official Instagram ID of j hope is uarmyhope. Hobi has over 30 million fans on Instagram. 

His first post is of him in LA captioned ‘I am your hope’. 

Meaning of Jhope’s ID

The username of Jhope reflects his love for the army. His I’d ‘urmyhope’ means the army is my hope.

It signifies his trademark greeting which is ‘I am your hope, you are my hope, I am J Hope’.

The average amount on J hope’s account per post is 10 million (approx).

RM’s Instagram

RM’s official Instagram ID is @rkive. The Rap Monster has over 29 million followers on his account. His first post is of him in California.

Meaning of RM’s ID

The Username of RM is “rkive” It is also his personal recording studio’s name. It is just a simple wordplay of the word archive. 

His insta bio also states ‘just an archive’. It is cool and aesthetic.

The average likes per post on RM’s account cannot be detected as views for likes are disabled.

Jungkook’s Instagram

 Here is our kookie’s I’d – @abcdefghi_lmnopqrstuvwxyz. Jungkook has over 33 million followers on his I’d.

Jungkook’s first post is of a sunset from the beach of LA.

Meaning of Jungkook’s ID

Jungkook has the most unique and creative username. Everyone was stunned by looking at this ID.

abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz is Jungkook’s username. It has every alphabet except for JK. JK is Jungkook’s stage name. 

The average amount of likes per post on JK’s account is 14 million.

Suga’s Instagram

The official Instagram of Suga is @agustd. Suga has over 29 million followers on his account. 

Suga’s first post was of some trees and nature but he deleted that post and added a red picture.

Meaning of Suga’s  ID

Agust D is Suga’s name for his solo works. It is simply the opposite of Suga and DT which means Daegu Town(D-Town). This is his group before starting with BTS.

So, AGUSTD = DTSUGA (D-Town Suga). It is creative and classy.   

The average likes per post on Suga’s ID are 10 million.

BTS Instagram Accounts Breaking records

Ever since all the members of BTS Instagram accounts launched, they are slamming a lot of records. Let’s see one by one what are all those records Instagram accounts of BTS members have been breaking;

  • BTS Taehyung broke the record of Angelina Jolie for the fastest 1 million followers on Instagram. He gained 1 million followers in just 40 minutes while Angelina Jolie did it in one hour.
  • V Instagram also broke the record of the fastest 1 million likes on an Instagram post of Billie Eilish. He got 1 million followers in just 4 minutes while Billie Eilish’s record was 6 minutes.
  • Taehyung is also the fastest K-pop Idol to get 5 million likes in just one hour 43 minutes.
  • Jungkook is third on the list to get the fastest 5 million likes on his Instagram post. 
  • Kim Taehyung broke the record of the most followed person in 24 hours breaking the record of Jennifer Aniston.

This is only the beginning for the members. They are going to break millions more records in the future because their army is always rooting for them. 

BTS V followed Jennie of Blackpink

Did Taehyung of BTS follow Jennie on Instagram? Yes, you heard it right. 

On December 6th Instagram account of BTS members launched. After posting some pictures Taehyung’s following increased to 9. 

It showed he followed Jennie and also her fan account on Instagram. After this, the army went mad and many criticized Jennie and commented harshly on Jennie’s post.  

This fired up the rumors of the two datings. There was a war between the fans of both groups.

Then Taehyung immediately unfollowed Jennie and her account. He explained that she was on his suggestion list and it was a mistake.

People should understand that a real army does not criticize or humiliate other groups. The boys were new to Instagram and don’t give them a hard time.

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Suga finding Instagram difficult

Suga was finding Instagram hard to handle. He also confessed that to his fans.

At first, Suga posted pictures of some trees and nature but he immediately deleted that post. His profile was blank for 5 hours. 

Then he posted a picture that was completely red.

 Its caption said  “인스타 너무 어렵다 :(” which means Instagram is very hard. 

Jin asked him “why is it all red?” (Taehyung advised him to watch YouTube tutorials and videos to learn it ( 유투브 강의 듣고오세요 편함 ). 

Looks like they needed time to learn and adapt to the features and functions of Instagram. Now they have been posting for quite a long time and probably are comfortable with it.

Some fun facts

  • All the members are following 7 accounts. Where 6 are the members and one is the official BTS Instagram account i.e. @bts.bighitofficial.
  • The Comments on the post of all the Instagram accounts of BTS members are limited to their followings only. 
  • The members of BTS have an average of 11 million likes on their posts.
  • Taehyung is the most followed member among the seven with over 35 million followers till now.


In the end, we all loved this gift from BTS. Though the members faced some difficulties in handling their Instagram account in the beginning, they eventually got used to it.

 Are you also following all of the BTS Instagram accounts? 

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