Why #AmredForcesFlagDay is trending on Twitter?

#ArmedForcesFlagDay is trending on Twitter to honour the martyrs  men and women in uniform who bravely fought and continue to fight to safeguard our country.

What is ArmForcesFlagDay and why is it celebrated?

India has celebrated  armed forces flag day from the year 1949 and it is celebrated throughout the nation.

A committee was appointed by the defence minister of India in 1949, who agreed to have Annual Flag Day on 7th december. This was the time when the welfare of the defence personnel needed to be addressed.

At the beginning Armed Forces Flag Day was held to give small flags to ordinary public and collect donations in return.

This day has greater significance as it emphasises Indian responsibilities to work for their families and those who rely on our military services.

Road, Transport and Highways Minister Tweet

To celebrate the Arm Forces Flag Day road transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari posted a tweet from his twitter handle.

President  Tweet

President of India posted a tweet from his twitter handle on the occasion of Armed Forces Flag Day,

PM Modi’s tweet

PM Narendra Modi posted from his twitter handle that he would like to acknowledge the contributions of the armed forces.


As we know, 7th december is celebrated as Armed Forces Flag Day. We must not forget the number of soldiers of the armed forces who have laid their lives to protect our country’s honour.

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